通过提升产品多样化,Centric 零售PLM 的创新数字解决方案能够增加品类,在更多市场更快速推出产品,最终推动零售转型和确保品牌寿命。



了解 Centric 零售PLM 客户

我们的客户之所以选择 Centric 零售PLM,目的是在多品类别零售竞争中保持领先地位!

利用 Centric 零售PLM 构建增长平台

借助 Centric 零售PLM,多品类零售商能够推动业务增长,同时面向更多渠道更快速地开发和推出更多各种产品。简化自有品牌和贴牌产品开发,优化产品组合,提高盈利能力,并提供优质产品和客户所喜爱的店内体验。




Centralized merchandise development planning tools in Centric Retail PLM help multicategory retailers to gain visibility and establish targets earlier, track progress against the in-season plan, identify products that aren’t meeting targets sooner and optimize assortments faster.

Maximize product introduction success, variety and profitability with one accessible, digital space for faster decision-making and the ability to test ‘what-if’ scenarios that take the guesswork out of successful product introductions. Easily see complex product mixes across branded and private label assortments to identify development opportunities and increase margins as you expand into more markets and more channels with more product variety.




Boost private label product development by connecting product developers, category managers, merchandising teams and external suppliers to instantly share the most up-to-date product information and assortments plans. Improve communications, drive collaboration and condense product development timelines.

Centric Retail PLM improves the development efficiency of products co-created with your suppliers’ input and expertise. One person can handle thousands of supplier proposals by centralizing supplier responses in one place, eliminating data entry in endless spreadsheets and reducing costly and time-consuming errors to get a wider variety of products to market faster.




Centric Retail PLM streamlines product sourcing and material buying by centralizing all product related data. PLM replaces multiple spreadsheets and thousands of emails, which vastly improves supplier communications.

High-volume and direct to factory sourcing maximizes the potential for profitability. Centric Retail PLM empowers retailers to launch and evaluate supplier requests en masse while automatically consolidating RFQ responses and supplier notes in one centralized digital space.

Streamline and automate sample reviews with mobile, 3D technology and take advantage of AI to quickly visually search style libraries for materials that can be re-used and re-ordered from suppliers, enabling you to develop more innovative products, faster.




Digitally transform the way you manage product quality with Centric Retail PLM’s Final Inspection module and PLM-connected mobile app. Protect your brand value and reputation by ensuring product quality doesn’t slide as the pace and volume of new product introductions accelerates.

Digital mobility frees teams to increase the number of inspections they carry out while eliminating paper notes that need to be manually entered in PLM, and inspection information is available instantly in real time to everyone that needs it. Inspectors can work on or offline and automatically upload notes and images directly connected to live product specifications already entered in PLM.

Using Final Inspection, it’s easy to sync and assign action items to the entire inspection team using calendar management and create powerful. actionable reports based on up-to-date data that can be shared across all departments.



  • 发展速度持续加快且市场不断变化
  • 每个品类中来自电商零售商的竞争
  • 降低商品成本以提升利润率
  • 提升产品多样性和产品发布成功率
  • 提升自有品牌和贴牌产品的利润率
  • 将业务扩展到新的地区、市场和渠道
  • 采买可见性、管理、跟踪和沟通
  • 缩短产品上市时间
  • 零售商新增自有品牌产品、打开零售渠道的品牌以及供应商推出的品牌
  • 产品组合的全球化
  • 对于每个 SKU 的盈利压力
  • 产品取得成功的容错率低


  • 非食品、类食品和食品产品的品类规划和优化
  • 根据销售目标管理和优化季节中的品类销售
  • 利用大量电子表格和电子邮件管理采购报价和设计方案
  • 简化与供应商共同设计和开发产品的流程
  • 以多种货币和语言管理面向多个市场的产品的定价、贴标、包装和标记
  • 在产品上市时间缩短的情况下保持创新和品质
  • 采用不断改进的可持续性标准对供应商进行审核,保持高质量控制标准,同时与竞争对手保持同步

了解 Centric 零售PLM

  • 制定策略以提高盈利能力、增加销售额以及进行区域扩张
  • 了解产品组合中的不足,以寻求潜在的自有品牌机遇,最大限度提高自有品牌产品的利润率,以及提升供应商共创自有品牌质量
  • 在产品开发和客户体验中获得质量标准的可见性和可控性
  • 在不增加资源的情况下,添加新品类并增加产品数量 更加便利地为新的销售渠道和店铺开发产品组合
  • 更好地管理批量采购,以提升效率和削减成本
  • 在全新的单一事实数据库中跟踪复杂的合规要求和供应商审核数据
  • 借助产品数据的单一事实来源为团队提供支持,消除电子表格、电子邮件和纸张通信带来的错误

了解 Centric 软件面向多品类零售的市场驱动型创新解决方案



借助由市场驱动、基于云的移动 PLM 技术,零售商可以加快新产品推出的步伐,改善供应商协作和产品共创,促进产品创新,确保符合地区性产品规范和贴标要求,促进质量管理,缩短上市时间并降低成本。

进一步了解 Centric 零售PLM!




进一步了解 Centric 针对 PLM 的突破性触屏数字平板设备技术!


Retail Review PLM 移动应用程序

在零售地点的现场审核期间,使用 Centric 的 Retail Review 移动应用程序记录注释和观察结果。将 PDF 报告和纠正措施计划重新发布至 PLM 系统,确保视觉营销方式的一致性,保护您的品牌声誉。

了解与 PLM 相连接的移动应用程序如何与您的团队实现联系!