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Ethical Sourcing and How to Implement for Compliance

Tackling the complexities of sourcing plus best practices and proactive measures to address them  


Understand the current landscape when it comes to ethical sourcing within the fashion industry

Explore the different perspectives and dynamics at play between consumer and brands

Strategize how to apply best practices for better traceability and compliance

Ethical sourcing: a buzzword then; an actual aspiration now.

With the rise of empowered consumers comes the call for change when it comes to ethical and sustainability practices within the fashion industry. Now, there’s a greater demand not just for any supply but particularly for those ethically sourced with transparent and traceable information to back them.

While companies have gotten in line to heed the call, change just doesn’t happen overnight. There are barriers to overcome and various factors to navigate in the attempt to successfully transition to conscious fashion for advocacy and compliance. The good news: there are best practices, effective tools and proactive measures that companies can adopt in aid of the pursuit.

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