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Build a Platform for Growth with Centric Retail PLM

Multicategory retailers drive growth while developing and launching products for more channels, faster with Centric Retail PLM. Streamline private and white label product development, optimize product assortments, boost profitability and deliver high quality products and in-store experiences that your customers will love.

Increase product introduction success

Increase product introduction success

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Centralized merchandise development planning tools in Centric Retail PLM help multicategory retailers to gain visibility and establish targets earlier, track progress against the in-season plan, identify products that aren’t meeting targets sooner and optimize assortments faster.

Maximize product introduction success, variety and profitability with one accessible, digital space for faster decision-making and the ability to test ‘what-if’ scenarios that take the guesswork out of successful product introductions. Easily see complex product mixes across branded and private label assortments to identify development opportunities and increase margins as you expand into more markets and more channels with more product variety.

Streamline private label and supplier co-created product development

Streamline private label and supplier co-created product development

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Boost private label product development by connecting product developers, category managers, merchandising teams and external suppliers to instantly share the most up-to-date product information and assortments plans. Improve communications, drive collaboration and condense product development timelines.

Centric Retail PLM improves the development efficiency of products co-created with your suppliers’ input and expertise. One person can handle thousands of supplier proposals by centralizing supplier responses in one place, eliminating data entry in endless spreadsheets and reducing costly and time-consuming errors to get a wider variety of products to market faster.

Improve product margins with high volume sourcing

Improve product margins with high volume sourcing

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Centric Retail PLM streamlines product sourcing and material buying by centralizing all product related data. PLM replaces multiple spreadsheets and thousands of emails, which vastly improves supplier communications.

High-volume and direct to factory sourcing maximizes the potential for profitability. Centric Retail PLM empowers retailers to launch and evaluate supplier requests en masse while automatically consolidating RFQ responses and supplier notes in one centralized digital space.

Streamline and automate sample reviews with mobile, 3D technology and take advantage of AI to quickly visually search style libraries for materials that can be re-used and re-ordered from suppliers, enabling you to develop more innovative products, faster.

Deliver highly desirable, high quality products

Deliver highly desirable, high quality products

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Digitally transform the way you manage product quality with Centric Retail PLM’s Final Inspection module and PLM-connected mobile app. Protect your brand value and reputation by ensuring product quality doesn’t slide as the pace and volume of new product introductions accelerates.

Digital mobility frees teams to increase the number of inspections they carry out while eliminating paper notes that need to be manually entered in PLM, and inspection information is available instantly in real time to everyone that needs it. Inspectors can work on or offline and automatically upload notes and images directly connected to live product specifications already entered in PLM.

Using Final Inspection, it’s easy to sync and assign action items to the entire inspection team using calendar management and create powerful. actionable reports based on up-to-date data that can be shared across all departments.

State of Multicategory Retail: Are You Facing These Challenges?


  • Accelerating and changing marketplace
  • Competition from online retailers in every category
  • Reducing costs of goods to increase margins
  • Increasing product variety and product introduction success
  • Increasing product margins on private and white label products
  • Expanding into new regions, markets and channels
  • Sourcing/buying visibility, management, tracking and communications
  • Shrinking time to market
  • Retailers adding private label products, brands opening retail outlets and suppliers launching brands
  • Globalization of product portfolios
  • Profitability pressure on every SKU
  • Low margin of error for product success


  • Category planning and optimization across non-food, near-food and food products
  • Managing and optimizing category sales in season against sales targets
  • Managing sourcing RFQs and design proposals using hundreds of spreadsheets and emails
  • Streamlining supplier co-design and co-created product development
  • Managing pricing, labeling, packaging and tagging of products destined for multiple markets in multiple currencies and languages
  • Maintaining innovation and quality as time to market speeds up
  • Auditing vendors with shifting sustainability criteria Maintaining high quality control standards while keeping pace with competitors


  • Drive strategies to improve profitability, grow sales and expand geographically
  • Identify gaps in assortments for potential private label opportunities, maximize margins on private label products and improve supplier co-creation of private label brands
  • Gain visibility and control of quality standards in product development and customer experience
  • Add new categories and increase product numbers without increasing resources Develop assortments for new sales channels and stores more easily
  • Better manage high-volume sourcing for efficiencies and savings
  • Track complex regulatory, compliance and supplier auditing data in a single, up-to-date digital space
  • Empower teams with a single source of truth for product data that eliminates spreadsheets, emails and paper-based communication

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Innovative PLM for Retail

Market-driven, cloud-based, mobile PLM technology gives retailers the power to increase the pace of new product introductions, improve supplier collaboration and product co-creation, boost product innovation, ensure regional product compliance and labeling, manage quality, speed up time to market and reduce costs.

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Digital Touchscreen Boards for Retail

Re-define buying sessions by fully transforming the ways teams collaborate and make decisions and streamline buying sessions for regional retail and ecommerce teams.

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Retail Review PLM Mobile App

Use Centric’s Retail Review mobile app during onsite reviews at retail locations to record notes and observations. Publish PDF reports and corrective action plans back to the PLM system, ensuring visual merchandising consistency and protecting your brand reputation.

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