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How Collection Management in PLM Impresses Customers and Boosts Sales


Are your sales teams still using cumbersome, expensive, out-of-date and old-fashioned print catalogs? Is the cost of printing catalogs over and over again costing your business and the planet? Have you had to utter the uncomfortable words “Sorry, that item actually isn’t available” to a customer lately?

Want to show your customer only the products that are relevant to them, or hide products not available in their region to avoid frustration and save time? Collection Management allows you to customize catalogs for a specific customer, region, product type, customer segment or market, and localize catalogs using Centric PLM’s multiple languages and currencies support.

Maybe you want to reel in a potential customer with an enticing special offer, but you don’t want to permanently change prices across your catalogs for all customers. It’s simple: just alter that specific catalog with regional or promotional pricing and override the default pricing information. Each customized digital catalog is dynamically updated with the latest product information from within Centric PLM™, so details are always up-to-date and accurate.

Collection Management Fashion PLM

Convenient Catalog Viewing

Customers don’t have to wait for your sales team to arrange an appointment: they can browse customized digital catalogs whenever they have a spare moment. Create custom private portals that customers can log into using any browser, so they can view collection catalogs tailored to their exact requirements by sales or merchandising.

Digital catalogs give you total control. Tailor catalogs to show only the items you want customers to see or include additional products to demonstrate concepts and capabilities.

And there’s another, even more, interactive option. When calling on customers and prospects, sales staff can present collections and take orders using Centric’s attractive and easy-to-use Collection Book app on a tablet – whether online or not.

Improve Customer Experience

There’s no need to leave the customer with a paper order form that will get shoved in a drawer and forgotten about.

The Collection Book mobile app supports online sales order creation where ever your sales team works. By only showing products that are actually available and ordering directly in the app, you’ll increase customer satisfaction and streamline the ordering process.

The mobile app integrates directly with Centric PLM putting all the sales order information together in one centralized location to provide excellent visibility within PLM to the actual sales results. The sales information from Centric PLM can be integrated with your organization’s sales order or ERP system so that you can improve customer experience by avoiding inaccuracies in the order-taking process.

Boost Sales and Efficiency

The excitement of viewing new, beautiful products in the latest catalog can fade when customers get around to the more tedious business of ordering. Entering orders directly in Collection Book eliminates that time delay, boosting on-the-spot sales.

Putting the right catalog for the right market in front of the customer drives sales team revenue and productivity. With Collection Management, you can increase the efficiency of marketing, merchandising and sales teams by providing an easy-to-use and flexible tool that leverages the ‘single version of the truth’ about each product contained in Centric PLM.