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Centric Manufacturing PLM:
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Manufacturing businesses of all types and sizes choose Centric Manufacturing PLM, from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Original Design Manufacturers (ODM) to fashion brands from luxury to fast fashion retailers that manage manufacturing operations in-house. Find out about the amazing results our customers achieve with Centric!

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What Do Customers Say About Centric Manufacturing PLM?

“Centric PLM provides a real-time single source of truth for product-related data using an Excel-like interface, which is familiar to our users. We have standardized the product development process and removed the problem of duplicate data entry. It’s easier to plan actions and manage sample stock. We expect Centric PLM to save time and increase accuracy in costing, improve accuracy in sample-making and reduce the time spent preparing material to create samples.”

VT Garment

“Considering the size of our organization and the complexity of our requirements, going live on time is a testament to the capabilities of Centric’s solution.”


“One of Pespow’s greatest assets is our ability to simultaneously manage many different types of collections, each with its own special characteristics in terms of sizes, variety, complexity, number of products, timelines and budgetary criteria. Centric PLM will allow us to offer a more distinctive service to our customers.”


”Our goal was to integrate the advantages of our existing design and development platform while establishing a unique method of production whereby fabrics are treated as the main products and garments as the finished goods. We recognized that technology and a data-driven approach were the only way to achieve that transformation.”

Luthai Textile

“We’re looking forward to increased efficiency which will reduce our internal costs and time to market. This is the main objective of the project. With Centric PLM in place, we’ll also be changing our data model. The PLM system will be the master source of data, rather than the ERP system.”

Max Mara Imax

“Across the board, the quality of information that Centric PLM now provides has improved almost everything we do. We now have a common place for everything: we know when things have gone wrong and we can be confident that when they’re fixed there will be no more problems afterwards.”


“We choose Centric 8 PLM to achieve better transparency, collaboration and control in development, quality, cost and sample development. Since first implementing Centric 8 in 2014, the benefits have been so impressive that we recently decided to expand the software to all of our apparel development teams.”

Regina Miracle

“More and more leading clothing manufacturers have implemented Centric PLM. Unlike other providers whose solutions are mostly based on an order-oriented way of thinking, Centric has a truly product-oriented way of thinking, which is crucial to optimizing our services. Moreover, the Centric team is professional, and we enjoy working with them.”

SC Fashion

“We were looking for a ‘backbone’ for our data flows and communication. Essentially, we needed to standardize the whole process. Previously, we had been using spreadsheets, which was very time-consuming. With Centric on board, we are looking forward to having an easy to use, harmonized tool that will allow us to share processes and information efficiently and transparently.”


“Using Centric PLM gives us the chance to work across frontiers. We start a design in Germany, open it up in Turkey, continue the workflow process in Turkey and then continue again in Germany. It’s a wonderful way of working because it gives us the opportunity to be faster and more demand-driven.”

More & More

”We realized that our product design and development process would become much more complex as a consequence of our business goals. We need a centralized and integrated information management platform that will allow us to effectively manage technical product information across all product development stages including sample management, quality review, verification and validation.”

Capa de Ozono

“Thanks to Centric 8 PLM, we are more rigorous with product development and production, and are optimizing lead times and quality.”


“Our goal is to migrate from Excel-driven product development to a database-oriented approach with a single source of truth at our fingertips.”

Mac Mode

“Information was not shared correctly, completely or on time. Finding information was difficult enough in our Italian office, where people are next to each other – imagine how it was for our employees in China, 9,000 kilometers and six time zones away! We needed PLM to give us a single, unique database, updated in real time, that everyone could use.”


“We want to deliver customized womenswear in seven days from the time measurements are taken. We are building a system to manage the MTM service with intelligent product development, a flexible supply chain and omni-channel shopping – for a full 360-degree view of the customer experience.”


“The apps that Centric has launched to improve buying, design, sampling and quality control are of huge interest to us and we also look forward to trying out Centric’s innovations in AI and 3D, particularly 3D sampling. We expect to have much better supply chain visibility, sourcing management and supplier relationships.”

Cape Union Mart

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