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A New Tomorrow Starts Today! Managing Uncertainties in a Post-pandemic Era

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This replay is only available in English.

9 June | Online 

Has your business been affected by recent market disruptions, such as Yellow vests, Brexit, tariff wars and the COVID-19 outbreak? Have unprecedented Government measures such as forced shop closures and remote working left your company struggling to survive and worrying about the future? 

As Europe slowly emerges from confinement and stores begin to reopen, in a new world where “certainty” no longer exists, smart companies have to adapt and think outside of the box in order to thrive in this new era. Thankfully, Centric Software®’s cutting-edge digital technology has the power to overcome market disruptions such as COVID-19.

So, what are you waiting for? Future-proof your business in the post-pandemic era!

In this webinar replay, we demonstrate how to manage uncertainties faced by the fashion retail industry by taking advantage of forward-thinking digital innovation.

Discover how to: 

Optimize flexibility and visibility to make decisions faster

Adapt quickly to market shifts to thrive in a new market dimension 

Centralize and streamline operations online to improve collaboration and productivity 

Simplify your sourcing to better manage assortments in different clusters and increase sales opportunities 

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Centric Software® is the #1 PLM for brands, retailers and manufacturers and continues to work with a staggering 370+ businesses representing 1250+ brands to be at the forefront of market-driven PLM development and spearhead industry innovations across numerous sectors. Centric’s modern and mobile PLM solutions help companies accelerate product development, reduce costs and increase market responsiveness.