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Mascaró Gain Control and Improve Pricing with Centric PLM

Producing four collections and nearly 1,500 prototypes for its four brands each year, shoe brand Mascaró documented everything by hand. After implementing Centric PLM, Mascaró has clear, complete information that can be accessed by a single click.

“ We can see everyone else’s work in a single click. That didn’t happen before. ” — Ester Gómez, Designer at Mascaro


  • Information easily lost
  • Data errors
  • Time wasted on manual data entry
  • Lack of information sharing


  • More control of data
  • Queries answered immediately
  • Fewer errors and confusion
  • Improved delivery of prototypes
  • Better price positioning

Life Before PLM

“Before Centric, we worked completely manually. We had a system where the paperwork was done through envelopes, which is a physical paper file. It’s difficult having paperwork of 1000 envelopes. We’d lose them very easily.”

Bosco Moll, Technical Director at Mascaró remembers how different developing products was before PLM arrived.

Fast forward to today and Mascaró have overcome data challenges and all employees feel like they are finally on the same page.

How exactly did Centric PLM™ help?

Quality Spanish Shoes

Mascaró was started in 1918 in Menorca, Spain. The shoe brand sell in 5 continents and have a network of about 100 shops. Only the finest Italian and Spanish leathers are used to make Mascaró shoes, and the company prides itself on its ethical, sustainable practices.

“We have 4 collections and we produce almost 1500 prototypes, but documenting them is difficult,” explains Paco Alberto, Logistics and Production Director at Mascaró.

The business knew it was time to invest in a modern digital solution to replace paper files and decided to choose Centric PLM.

“Before choosing Centric, we looked at 3 providers, including them. They quickly understood our needs and adapted quickly,” comments Moll.

Full Transparency

“Having all the information on display for everyone avoids errors and confusions,” adds Roman Pons, Designer at Mascaró. Mascaró admit that before Centric PLM, the company lacked a smooth flow of data between teams. Ester Gómez, Designer at Mascaró explains how this problem has now been removed with Centric’s single version of truth and extra benefits have been added. “We can see everyone else’s work in a single click. That didn’t happen before. We know if there’s an error or if something is missing or if everything’s fine.”

It’s a lot easier to enter the data, keep it organized, and have an overall view of what’s in the collection.

Controlling Costing Early

Discussing how Centric PLM has empowered Mascaró to improve their product positioning on the market, Alberto says, “We’ve also improved the delivery of the prototypes to the trade fairs and we’re able to review the prices before they go out for sale. And we can position them better because we have more time.”

Onwards & Upwards

Seeing real benefits has totally changed Alberto’s early apprehensions about a new software for the business, “I had my doubts but after using it for a couple of seasons, I think it’s a great tool,” he says.

Next, Mascaró plan to extensively involve their suppliers so that they have real-time information on their products.

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