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27 March, 2024

Jinjia Technology Launches Digital R&D Project with Centric Software

Chinese personal care brand successfully implements Centric PLM to enhance R&D capabilities

CAMPBELL, Calif., March 28, 2024 – Shanghai Jinjia Technology Co., Ltd. (Jinjia Technology), the personal care company, has successfully implemented Centric PLM™ to build a digital research and development platform. Centric Software® provides the most innovative enterprise solutions to plan, design, develop, source, buy, make, price, allocate, sell and replenish products such as fashion, outdoor, luxury, multi-category retail, grocery, food & beverage, cosmetics & personal care and consumer electronics to achieve strategic and operational digital transformation goals.

Founded in 2007, Jinjia Technology is focused on the beauty and personal care industry and operates more than 20 distributor brands. Jinjia Technology began investing in the development of its own brands in 2019. Its five proprietary brands have experienced rapid growth and market recognition.

Understanding that long-term brand development ultimately depends on product quality and innovation, Jinjia Technology realized that manual systems and offline operations were no longer sufficient to manage a rapidly growing business with an increasing number of R&D projects. Jinjia Technology has adopted a digital perspective to refine the product development process, enhance R&D efficiency, better manage product information, elevate product quality and increase competitiveness. Following a thorough analysis of their digitalization goals, Jinjia Technology chose to collaborate with Centric Software to implement Centric PLM.

The Centric PLM project involves 5 major brands, 7 major categories and 11 core business scenarios and connects 6 key departments, including Marketing, Product, Design, R&D, Quality and Legal. After the Centric PLM project went live, Jinjia established a product R&D standardization and management platform to comprehensively oversee the development progress of multiple brands, projects and products, ensuring controlled and predictable new product launches.

Centric and Jinjia Technology have standardized and structured foundational business data, giving teams greater clarity and the ability to grasp potential benefits or risks. The product team is now enabled to enhance overall competitiveness and activate new growth opportunities. Centric PLM seamlessly integrates with Jinjia Technology’s other systems like ERP and their internal messaging system, ensuring real-time synchronization of processes and information. Each step is traceable, facilitating smoother collaboration and allowing more focus to be directed towards product R&D.

“We are honored to earn the trust of Jinjia Technology, a rising brand in the Chinese beauty and personal care industry,” says Fabrice Canonge, President of Centric Software. “The successful implementation of Centric PLM not only contributes to enhancing their research and development capabilities but also provides support for seizing opportunities and achieving brilliance in the competitive landscape of the beauty industry. With the backing of the Centric team, Jinjia Technology is poised to bring more high-quality beauty products to consumers. We eagerly anticipate further and deeper collaboration with Jinjia Technology in the future.”

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Jinjia Technology ( Shanghai Jinjia Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, with its headquarters located in Shanghai. The company has branches in the United States, Japan, Hangzhou, Wuxi, and other places, with specialized self-operated and cooperative warehouses in multiple locations. Focused on the beauty and personal care industry, Jinjia Technology is dedicated to providing Chinese women with a comprehensive range of high-quality beauty and skincare products. Jinjia Technology operates more than 20 distributor brands, including the affordable makeup brand LA GIRL, the efficacy-focused skincare brand TIMELESS, and the sensitive skincare brand FAB. In 2019, Jinjia began investing in the development of its own brands and has officially launched four proprietary brands. Among them, the personal care brand KIMTRUE and the makeup tools brand EVERBAB, which are the main focus, have gained favorable market reputation. The revenue share of proprietary brands has exceeded 50%.

Centric Software® (

From its headquarters in Silicon Valley, Centric Software provides an innovative and AI-enabled product concept-to-replenishment platform for retailers, brands and manufacturers of all sizes. As experts in consumer goods like fashion, outdoor, luxury, home, multi-category retail, grocery, food & beverage, cosmetics & personal care and consumer electronics, Centric Software delivers best-of-breed solutions to plan, design, develop, source, buy, make, price, allocate, sell and replenish products.

· Centric PLM™, the leading PLM solution for consumer goods, optimizes product execution from ideation to development, sourcing and manufacture, realizing up to 50% improvement in productivity.

· Centric Planning™ is an innovative, cloud-native, AI solution delivering end-to-end planning capabilities to maximize retail and wholesale business performance resulting in a 110% increase in margin.

· Centric Pricing & Inventory™ leverages AI to drive margins and boost revenues by up to 18% via price and inventory optimization from pre-season to in-season to season completion.

· Centric Market Intelligence™ is an AI-driven platform giving insights into consumer trends, competitor offers and pricing to boost competitivity and get closer to the consumer, with a proven 12% increase in average initial price point.

· Centric Visual Boards™ pivot actionable data in a visual-first orientation to ensure robust, consumer-right assortments and product offers, increasing product portfolios by up to 90% using the same resources.

Centric Software’s market-driven solutions have the highest user adoption rate, customer satisfaction rate and fastest time to value in the industry. Centric Software has received multiple industry awards and recognition appears regularly in world-leading analyst reports and research.

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