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Align Manufacturers, Brands & Retailers with Centric Manufacturing PLM

Industry-first PLM technology for OEM and ODM companies and their brand and retail partners speeds time to market, improves efficiency while maintaining the highest standards in quality.

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Market-driven Manufacturing PLM drives collaboration and growth

New innovations in Centric Manufacturing PLM were created in response to demand from customers on both sides of the brand and manufacturer relationship to make it possible to share tech pack data in a standardized format directly using Centric 8 Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and non-Centric PLM platforms.


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Centralized product tech pack data increases collaboration between brands and suppliers to build even closer partnerships and ensures technical information is more accurate and shared in the same format directly to reduce errors, costs and time-consuming data entry while rapidly speed time to market.


Why do OEM and ODM companies choose Centric Manufacturing PLM?

Change the way manufacturers and brands and retailers communicate and share information to reduce miscommunications, increase responsiveness and drive better collaboration.

Centralize and standardize tech pack information and eliminate the need for manual data re-entry to reduce errors and ensure samples/prototypes and finished product quality are maintained.

Eliminate costly errors created by mistakes in data entry of technical information that can carry-over between brands and manufacturers and through departments ultimately slowing production, increasing frustration and skyrocketing the costs of re-doing work over again.

Free your teams from hours of administrative work, fixing mistakes, chasing information and manual data entry of product tech pack information so they can focus on the strategic work of meeting business goals for growth.


How do brands and retailers benefit from new innovations in Centric Manufacturing PLM?

Shrink manufacturing timelines to increase product variety

Supercharge efficiency and turn time savings and shorter production turn-around time into the freedom to focus on developing a higher variety of products to offer your customers much faster.

Streamline supplier communications to build stronger partnerships

Transform how your brand communicates and collaborates with manufacturing partners to improve the flow of information, reduce confusion and miscommunications and make working together more fun!

Reduce requests for technical clarification and improve costing accuracy

Standardize product tech pack data into an easy to understand, harmonized format for your suppliers to eliminate hundreds of emails, save time answering questions and receive much more accurate pricing information to make better product development decisions.


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Centric PLM drives digital transformation for manufacturers by delivering superior product development solutions that increase lead times and cut costs while maintaining product quality.

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Learn more about how to manage the scale and complexity of your operations with Centric Manufacturing PLM.

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