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A New Approach to Digital Business Agility in Taiwan Garment Manufacturing

Success in the garment manufacturing industry is strongly linked to business agility, responsiveness and flexibility. Identifying changing consumer preferences, going to market quickly and scaling up and down in step with market shifts are challenges that garment manufacturers will increasingly face.

The biggest fashion brands and garment manufacturers are accelerating digital change to become more virtual and digitally forward. They are co-innovatinggathering speed and keeping tabs on consumer behaviour through digital Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), leaving behind clunky legacy systems for more collaborative digital tools. What does this mean to your business, and how should you plan your next move?

Discover how digital transformation and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) can enable your business to deliver at higher speeds and with greater responsiveness to customers’ needs. From remote collaboration to seamless vendor communication and better sample management, rethink the way you operate with a modern and capable PLM system.

In a webinar replay led by Centric Software’s Nick Wei, South Asia Regional Director and  Katherine Poon, Senior Regional Sales Manager, you will discover how Centric PLM™:

  • Enhances agility rather than productivity with cloud-based digital collaboration tools
  • Enables co-creation and co-innovation across markets through virtual collaboration
  • Supports strategic decision-making based on data points at the granular level
  • Maximises production visibility across the supply chain and improves efficiency

Designed for all garment manufacturers, this webinar lays down your digital options and reveals how the world’s biggest fashion retail brands such as MAS Holdings, Hirdaramani, Brandix, Regina Miracle, Top Form, Louis Vuitton, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Under Armour, Michael Kors and Superdry have consistently stayed on-trend by going to market on time.

What are you waiting for? Watch today to discover your digital way forward. Our PLM experts will provide you with a full demo. Embrace digitalisation and secure your place in the market!