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Finding the Right PLM Solution Part 2

Technology is ultimately a tool that enables you to do more, better. Being nimble and agile allows teams to be innovative and propel businesses to the next level of growth. If your current system isn’t doing this for you, it’s time to investigate other options.

But now what? How do you know which solution is the right match for your company?

Asking questions is a good start! Can it meet the needs of different users? Do they like using it? What about integration with other systems like ERP, e-comm or 3D tools? How does implementation work without disrupting deadlines?

Watch the webinar replay and hear our PLM experts discuss how:

  • a fully integrated PLM solution supports your process from concept to consumer
  • to enable and empower your 3D strategy within your PLM platform
  • to achieve complete collaboration in today’s remote workforce setting

Find out why over 125 brands replaced their PLM with Centric!

Seeing is believing!

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