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Product Lifecycle Pitfalls Exposed – 4 Keys to a Successful PLM Strategy

Do you want to streamline your product development process and boost overall efficiency? Are small steps failing to provide the big results you need in today’s competitive market?

Watch this very special webinar replay, moderated by David Wilcox of PI Apparel, that will expose common product development and supply chain pitfalls that apparel brands face.

You’ll explore 4 key ways to efficiently and effectively overcame these challenges with two highly knowledgeable industry experts from Black Ink Strategy:

  • Walter Wilhelm – Walter has over 30 years of extensive and diverse experience in the retail and fashion industries, with a specialization in process re-engineering and large systems implementation including PLM and ERP.
  • Colin Israel – Colin has over 25 years of experience, including various executive roles in apparel and consumer products companies. Colin specializes in business transformation with leading roles in supply chain management, LEAN Six-Sigma, and enterprise systems implementation.

Walter and Colin will discuss the practical and real challenges of managing your product lifecycle, while diagnosing root causes and addressing the organizational impact.