Sprinting ahead with Centric PLM

Sprinting ahead with Centric PLM


20% time improvement in product development

90% of products launched on schedule

50% less time spent on entering data



In order to keep up with company expansion and customer trends as well continue to produce affordable, fashionable footwear, Mexican footwear brand Capa de Ozono needed to pursue a fast fashion strategy. The company began looking for ways to reduce time to market and develop a more robust product development process that would ensure quality in high volume production.

Capa de Ozono selected Centric PLM on the basis of its footwear expertise, the solution’s flexibility and its ability to completely cover the entire product lifecycle.

Today, with Centric PLM in place, Capa de Ozono has improved product development time by 20%, been able to launch new products on schedule 90% of the time, has doubled its number of collections, without needing to increase design and development staff and everyone spends 50% less time entering data.

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Company Bio

Capa de Ozono was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in León, Guanajuato, the capital of the Mexican footwear industry. Capa de Ozono designs, manufactures and sells footwear, mainly for the teenage and young adult market, and is one of Mexico’s largest fashion footwear retailers. Capa de Ozono sells through a network of 235 branded stores in 50 cities and has over 300 wholesale clients as well as a popular online channel. The company has grown significantly in recent years.





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