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With Centric Lifestyle Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) deliver products that meet and exceed consumer expectations, offer personalization options, optimize time to market and more.

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How Can Centric Lifestyle PLM Drive Success?

Meet consumer expectations

The flexibility of Centric Lifestyle PLM streamlines design and development in order to deliver the right products to the market while controlling product margins. With improved visibility, advanced reporting, up-to-date product information and the ability to track products through the entire lifecycle, it's easier to speed decision-making using reliable information and improve team productivity. Ultimately, Centric Lifestyle PLM makes it possible to bring innovative products and experiences to the market faster while increasing overall product quality, so you can inspire new and existing customers.

Speed customization and manufacturing

Mastering the art of developing, producing and delivering mass customized goods represents a tremendous business opportunity as the demand for affordable, customized clothing and footwear rises. Made-to-measure (M2M) appeals to a new breed of consumers who are looking for properly-fitting and personalized garments. Customized apparel and consumer goods are especially desirable to Millennials and Gen Z, who REALLY want what they want and are not willing to compromise. Centric Lifestyle PLM can help you manage the complexities of customization with powerful product data tracking and supplier collaboration. Learn more here

Optimize delivery

Centric Lifestyle PLM adds efficiencies at every stage of the product lifecycle, from concept to merchandising to retail, ensuring that you deliver the amazing products your customers will love. Sampling and fit reviews are a time-consuming and costly part of getting products to market, and Centric tackles this challenge with 3D design connectors and 3D sample review capabilities that enable the use of 3D virtual prototypes in PLM. Use digital samples for speedier product development, decision-making, retail planning and delivery with Centric Lifestyle PLM's 3D integration. Jump into 3D

Discover the Brands That Love Centric Lifestyle PLM

In three decades partnering with companies in the fashion and apparel industry, Centric has developed a foundation of apparel PLM expertise and deep knowledge of best practices to benefit your lifestyle brand. Meet the leading brands using Centric Lifestyle PLM! #PLMRevolution

How Can Centric Lifestyle PLM Transform Your Business?

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