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Lifestyle brands offer customers a unique feeling, look, experience and products that distinguish themselves and appeal to a core group of consumers.

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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions enable lifestyle brands to develop and sell an optimal variety of must-have products with greater ease and efficiency, whether they create their own or curate collections of products that loyal customers will love.

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Creating a Foundation for Success with Centric Lifestyle PLM

For some companies, digital transformation is a way to get closer to consumers. For others it means pushing creative product designs or speeding time to market in order to stay closer to trend. In any case, organizational process change paired with modern innovations such as PLM, mobility, cloud-based solutions and SaaS flexibility can facilitate different ways of working.

Our market leading value-added solutions enable customers around the world adapt to industry changes and provide next-generation technology to boost revenues and increase competitiveness.

Centric Lifestyle PLM is a central digital workspace with a ‘single source of actionable truth’ for product data where internal and external teams can ideate, plan and expedite product development and launch with ultimate visibility and transparency.

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Rapidly speed time to market with seamless 3D workflows to empower true collaborative product design, reduce design iterations, eliminate rework by envisioning designs sooner, dramatically reduce costs and time with 3D prototyping and fit reviews, easily push photorealistic product images to e-commerce channels and speed products through development to get more products to more markets through more channels.

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Capture inspiration on the go, make faster decisions, cut time to market and maintain consistency from quality control to retail presentation with Centric Lifestyle PLM mobile apps. Check it out!

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Is yours a growing, up-and-coming business? If so, you need a single, modern and scalable PLM solution. Centric SMB evolves as your organization grows or as your strategic needs change. Implementation is super quick and simple so brands can start seeing the benefits straight away without requiring additional resources.

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Why do lifestyle brands choose Centric Lifestyle PLM, and what do they achieve post-implementation? What kind of ROI can you expect for your business? Find the answer to these questions, and more!

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Lifestyle brands drive innovation, stay close to the consumer and speed product delivery and customization with Centric Lifestyle PLM.

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Lifestyle brands rave about how business is better with Centric Lifestyle PLM, from time saved to healthier bottom lines to closer collaboration – learn more about it here!

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