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Centric Loves Fashion, and the Fashion World Loves Centric

Centric Fashion PLM has its roots in the fashion industry, and it shows. We work with our fashion customers to drive growth, speed time to market and unshackle innovation. See what they have to say!



The Market Speaks about Centric Fashion PLM

“After just two seasons of using Centric, the accuracy of our Bills of Material (BOM) improved from 70 – 80% to 100% accuracy.”


“We went from building a tender in 2 days manually to building it in a couple of hours in Centric.”


“Centric PLM is critical to support our strategy of maintaining and even accelerating our time to market.”


“Data quality has been improved significantly, resulting in close
to zero data mismatches, while time spent updating product
information across styles and seasons has been reduced by
roughly 50%.”


“With the Centric team’s knowledge and experience in fashion PLM, we aim to improve our own IT team’s knowledge in apparel and supply chain management in order to support our aggressive new retail strategy.”

Belle Group

“It will be really nice to have all of our information in one place and give multiple team members in multiple departments easy access to that information.”


“Within one year all Cortefiel brands were in the system. It took four years to do this with the old system.”


“We’re about to take a process that takes so long and streamline it so that one person can do the work of about 10 different PLM users.”

Fast Retailing

“Our users are now able to collaborate much more effectively reducing time spent searching for information and entering data in different places.”

Frank And Oak

“Centric is going to help us work smarter, organize the product division of our business and give our teams the opportunity to do more of what they do best.”

Goorin Bros.

“We do not regard PLM as just software, but more as an advanced working method for productivity. The research and development of fashion goods is an art, while PLM software is a technology. We believe that HAZZYS and Centric will realize the perfect combination of art and technology.”


“What we have gained is not just a system, but a better framework and mindset for work and collaboration, which has greatly improved efficiency.”


“Rapid data entry and fast information sharing has had a real positive impact on our time to market – and it’s something we simply wouldn’t have had without Centric.”

Marc Jacobs

“Having Centric in place saves everyone about 10-15 percent of their time on a day to day basis, mainly because people don’t have to spend time searching for the right answers, asking questions and re-confirming whether information is up to date.”

Marine Layer

Lowered time spent searching for most recent trims by about 40%


Reduced time to market by 15 days

Nina Ricci

Sample production cycle reduced by 25%

SC Fashion

“Following our C8 PLM upgrade, production times have been reduced by 10%, allowing the company to react faster to in-season requirements.”

Silver Jeans

“Centric Software’s Adobe® Connect makes it easier for our designers to focus on their creative work while staying in their preferred environment.”

Studio F

Increased on time and in full product completion from 70% to 89%


“It cuts down my reporting time from 2 hours to 2 minutes”


A 20% improvement in design efficiency through eliminating manual data entry alone.

Tom Tailor

“Our first go-live was 30% under time and under budget, which was a great beginning.”


“We now know that everyone has access to correct information all the time. Even better, there is no data duplication required or even allowed, which saves us a lot of time.”

Yoox Net a Porter

“Centric PLM covers all the key modules of product management we require and offers a very flexible and quick implementation.”


Ready to Experience Centric Fashion PLM for Real?

You’ve heard what our fashion industry customers have to say about Centric fashion PLM – but that isn’t the same as seeing it in real life! Want to get a taste of how it really works and find out how Centric can transform your business?


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