Centric 解決方案

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6 5 月 2019


多品類零售商在瞬息萬變的市場中取得領先的三大業務策略 您是否注意到零售業正在以驚人的速度變化?隨著網購的激增和 […]

5 10 月 2018

Centric VIP Infographic

Discover Centric VIP through our cool infographic.

5 10 月 2018

MUSTANG Creates Transparency Between Styles and Suppliers with Centric PLM

MUSTANG reports significant time savings, dramatic cost reductions and faster sample development since implementing Centric PLM.

5 10 月 2018


Discover Delvaux’s success story with Centric PLM […]

5 10 月 2018

Mascaró Gains Control and Visibility with Centric PLM

With Centric PLM, Mascaró has clear, complete information that is easily accessible in one place.

5 10 月 2018

Powerful Precision with Centric PLM at 3Colour

Centric PLM saves time for designers and developers at 3Colour. Read the full story.

5 10 月 2018

Centric PLM Drives Collaboration and Creativity at Crocs

Centric 8 is more than just a product system for Crocs: it has become the ‘heartbeat’ of the organization.

5 10 月 2018

Enhancing Speed and Accuracy at Ackermans with Centric PLM

The time it takes the Ackermans buying team to produce tenders has been cut from two days to two hours. Learn how Centric PLM helped.

5 10 月 2018

Meeting Strategic Goals with Centric PLM at Tape à l’Œil

Centric PLM has dramatically reduced human error and brought harmony to the collaborative process for Tape à l’Œil.

5 10 月 2018


Centric Software is the leading PLM solution for fashio […]

5 10 月 2018


Klim decided to invest in Centric Software’s PLM soluti […]

5 10 月 2018

Boosting Business Intelligence and Innovation at Bestseller Fashion Group China

Since implementing Centric PLM, Bestseller China has experienced a faster time to market and better control over the supply chain. Read more.

5 10 月 2018

The Market Speaks: Centric references from around the world

Watch Centric Software’s success story best of of […]



難用的 PLM 軟件不會受到團隊的歡迎,您的公司也不會從中獲利。只需花 60 分鐘,即可了解為什麼 Centre 開發的綜合創新系統是市面上最容易使用的 PLM 軟件平台。