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Centric 解決方案

查找有關 Centric 解決方案的更多資訊?全部在這裏!瞭解 Centric 創新如何幫助您實現業務轉型。

6 五月 2019

Retail White paper

This will be complete and ready to post to the Learning Tools page and this page on Thursday, March 29. Will send along as soon as finished with reminders of where it should go and that it should be gated.

5 十月 2018

Centric Mobile Apps Brochure

Discover Centric's mobile apps that empower you to work on the move.

5 十月 2018

Centric VIP Infographic

Discover Centric VIP through our cool infographic.

5 十月 2018

Mustang Jeans Save Time with Centric PLM

Discover Mustang’s success story with Centric PLM […]

5 十月 2018


Discover Delvaux’s success story with Centric PLM […]

5 十月 2018


Discover Mascaró success story with Centric PLM.

5 十月 2018

3 Colour

Discover 3 Colour success story with Centric PLM.

5 十月 2018


Discover Croc’s success story with Centric PLM.

5 十月 2018


Discover Ackermans’ success story with Centric PL […]

5 十月 2018

Tape à L’oeil

Discover Tape à l’Œil’s success story with Centri […]

5 十月 2018


Centric Software is the leading PLM solution for fashio […]

5 十月 2018


Klim decided to invest in Centric Software’s PLM soluti […]

5 十月 2018

Bestseller China

The best part we like about Centric is its configurabil […]

5 十月 2018

The Market Speaks: Centric references from around the world

Watch Centric Software’s success story best of of […]

2 七月 2018

PLM4ALL Webinar for SMBs: increase productivity with PLM

July 17 | 2.30 p.m. CET  | Webex This event will be in […]

28 四月 2018

Merchandise Planning: Centric PLM Demo Series

Do you wish you could have up-to-date sales data at you […]

28 四月 2018

Adobe® & The BOM: Centric PLM Demo Series

Tired of having to transfer your design ideas from Adob […]



難用的 PLM 軟件不會受到團隊的歡迎,您的公司也不會從中獲利。只需花 60 分鐘,即可了解為什麼 Centre 開發的綜合創新系統是市面上最容易使用的 PLM 軟件平台。