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憑藉 PLM Connect 為設計師提供強大支持

可以直接從 Centric PLM 獲取所有產品開發訊息,例如創意、技術和生產詳情。


Centric 軟件 Adobe® Illustrator PLM Connect 是什麼?

領先易用的產品,可連接 Centric 軟件 PLM 與設計師首選工具 Adobe,讓用戶能夠在 Centric 軟件 PLM 環境中完成所有工作。

Empower the design community

草繪和創造 Sketch and create colors and other product information from Adobe Illustrator while being seamlessly connected to Centric PLM

無縫訪問紡織品 Seamlessly access textiles, fabrics and colors from within Centric PLM – the same set of information used by the all other teams and suppliers

BOM生成器 Use the new BOM Builder to start building Bills of Material directly in Illustrator. Share sketches and other information directly in Centric PLM for better collaboration with brand managers and merchandisers

Get products to market faster and easier

創意和技術方面 Minimize non-value added work so that designers can focus more on the creative and technical aspects of product development

產品信息 Centralize all information pertinent to the product development cycle such as creative, technical and production related details to ensure consistent product information.

返工和改善溝通 Shorten the product development lifecycle by eliminating rework and improving communications

Centric 的 BOM Builder 如何運作?

選擇材料 Select materials from Centric PLM material library

數量和位置 Define material quantity and placement

建立自己的BOM Build your own BOM from scratch, or leverage BOM templates to create a new one in Adobe and send it over to Centric PLM.

輕鬆編輯現有BOM Easily edit existing BOM: add materials, dividers or reorder BOM lines

設計和開發 Save time, reduce errors, facilitate communication between design and development



難用的 PLM 軟件不會受到團隊的歡迎,您的公司也不會從中獲利。只需花 60 分鐘,即可了解為什麼 Centre 開發的綜合創新系統是市面上最容易使用的 PLM 軟件平台。