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Unveiling A New Brand and Retail Product Strategy for Fashion’s Post-Pandemic Future

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The global pandemic has made an immediate impact on retail and department stores. Due to national lockdowns, jobs were cut and retail spending dived, forcing retailers and brands to explore alternative solutions in the hopes of making at least some sales.

On the bright side, eCommerce traffic is growing as shoppers prefer placing orders online in order to avoid crowds. New small and medium businesses are also sprouting up to cater to the needs of niche consumer groups. Consumer trends have also shifted towards home and loungewear as more and more employees are working from home due to the pandemic.

In light of these market shifts, fashion brands and retailers recognize the need to act quickly and nimbly to support collaboration and co-innovation across markets. Being agile in the new normal is vital for success, with innovative digital technologies being a key catalyst for transformation.

In the webinar replay led by Centric Software’s Nick Wei, Regional Sales Director, we revealed how these companies have successfully collaborated with buyers and suppliers to enhance their business agility through Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). We will discuss:

· How digital PLM transforms 5 key customer-facing processes

· Traits of successful companies that have emerged stronger from the pandemic

· Tips on change management on the road to recovery

· Case studies of companies that were successful with digital transformation

Take a moment to discover how the world’s biggest fashion retail brands such as Uniqlo, Liverpool Mexico, Bestseller, LVMH Group, Kering Group, Ackermann, Calvin Klein, Kiabi, Moncler and La Chappell have transformed PLM and accelerated time to market.