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Powering Business Transformation With PLM

Webinar Image

Hosted in partnership with the Canadian Apparel Federation.

Do you feel like a detective constantly solving the mystery of what happened to that missing or outdated spreadsheet? Wish there was a better and easier way for your teams to share accurate and reliable product information?

Making great products with spreadsheets and email is time consuming and stressful. There’s a better way! It’s PLM! Discover how modern and mobile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Centric SMB cloud-based solutions help companies of all sizes reduce errors and costs, speed time to market and streamline operations for better collaboration to drive business growth.

Are you ready to make work life less crazy?

Join our webinar hosted by the Canadian Apparel Federation to learn the basics of Centric PLM—line planning, calendar management, materials management, quality management and more.

Hear from our fashion and technology industry experts and discover why Canadian brands like Silver Jeans, Frank And Oak and tentree already trust Centric PLM. Hear real-life case studies about how PLM helped these brands speed collection cycles, reduce manual data entry, improve collaboration and free teams to do what they do best-create innovative products and get them to market fast!

Why wait? Learn how to harness the power of PLM!