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Como Reduzir Seu Time to Market Em Até 50%

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In our last webinar, we surveyed attendees and asked them to identify the most pressing issue for them in times of disruption. Reducing the Time to Market took first place!

In order to help you offer a better experience to your customer by closing the gap between what they want and what your company produces, we will show you how PLM helps to:

  • Increase the productivity
  • Streamline processes
  • Save team time
  • Reduce errors and costs
  • Drive remote internal and external collaboration

And, at the end of the whole process, reduce Time to Market by up to 50%!

See what the Co-founder and Financial Director of AMARO, a benchmark in technology and innovation in Brazil, says:

“Speed ​​is a mantra for us at AMARO. We are the fastest brand in the fashion sector in Brazil in terms of time between planning and launching a product, which usually takes around ten weeks and it can be completed in up to three. Centric PLM plays a key role in our strategy to maintain and even accelerate the launch of our products on the market.”
        – Lodovico Brioschi, financial director and co-founder

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Centric Software is the leading solution in Product Lifecycle Management for fashion, retail, luxury, decoration and consumer goods companies. More than 370 companies that manufacture products for more than 1.300 iconic brands – such as AMARO, Lojas Riachuelo, Grupo Lunelli, Mizuno, Louis Vuitton and Calvin Klein – are experiencing incredible results, such as faster time to market, increased number of SKUs and revenue growth.