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A Clean Win – Gain a Competitive Advantage with Digital Product Traceability

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Is juggling the demand for sustainability with creating collections at certain price points giving you a headache? Do you long for a simplified data collection process that can help identify sustainability hotspots where you should take action?

The current generation of customers is more environmentally and ethically conscious than ever before. But, logically documenting data across product and factory level to validate claims around sustainability and ethics is a growing challenge.

Thankfully, innovative digital product traceability paired with a PLM system can enable companies to ensure they are adhering to high sustainability standards, while also streamlining their operations.

Watch our webinar replay in partnership with TrusTrace to discover how your business can combine Centric PLM with a product traceability solution to make a positive impact, improve visibility throughout supply chains and reduce cost and waste.

Building on two decades of experience, TrusTrace uses digital technology to track every aspect of the value chain and make it more sustainable.

Show your consumers, retailers, regulators and competitors that you have nothing to hide and increase the transparency of your processes!