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One Truth: How PLM Increases Collaboration, Accuracy and Speed

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Is your food and beverage business using many various small point solutions or spreadsheets to handle different parts of the product lifecycle including R&D, formulation, sourcing, manufacturing, compliance, quality, labeling, packaging and merchandising?

Using separate systems that aren’t connected causes issues with data consistency, manual data entry and prevents digital collaboration which is now essential in the post-COVID remote working world.

Find out how Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) offers a solution at this digital event with Graham Jones Sales Director, ANZ, Centric Software and Adam Lowe, PLM Expert for Food & Beverage, Centric Software.


Learn how PLM:

  • Provides a real-time ‘single source of the truth’ hub for product data
  • Connects R&D, sourcing, ordering,  quality and marketing departments, so that up-to-date, accurate product and packaging information flows through to product specifications and labelling
  • Accelerates the entire proofing process
  • Efficiently manages and controls documents and certifications
  • Manages tasks efficiently with built-in workflows
  • Optimizes the cost of goods sold (COGS)

….and much more!


You will also experience a live demo of Centric Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), the solution of choice for 500+ companies.

Join your peers and hear how Centric Food and Beverage PLM is an essential tool in today’s competitive marketplace.