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Life Without Spreadsheets

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2020 provided its fair share of industry-wide challenges, but it’s  clear that emerging brands have a unique opportunity to carve out market share in 2021 and beyond. Are you ready to stake your claim in the industry?   

While relying on spreadsheets and emails to manage your business seemed to work early on, it inevitably creates more challenges down the road. It’s time to stop hunting through old data silos for the latest SKU, colorway or vendor quote. There is a better, faster, more profitable way.   

Discover Centric Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for emerging brands! A subscription-based solution that gives you a single source of truth that grows at the same rate you do.    

Watch our webinar replay and find out how you can achieve…  

  • Effective remote collaboration  
  • Faster time to market  
  • Streamlined operations  
  • Greater agility  
  • Visibility into your supply chain  
  • Better alignment with your customers’ needs  

Seeing is believing.  Watch the webinar replay for a demo by our Centric experts.  

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