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Let’s Talk Vendor Collaboration in 2022

This event was held in English

Streamlined vendor collaboration is essential to navigating today’s complex product development landscape. Vendors can be real allies when it comes to helping brands and retailers manage sudden supply chain issues, improve processes, boost efficiency, and reduce their carbon footprint.  But they can’t help if you don’t have the right collaborative tools in place.

An innovative and easy-to-use Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution boosts vendor collaboration and accountability. Join PLM experts Matt Nakari and David Gardner for a live demo of Centric PLM™ in our upcoming Vendor Collaboration digital event. You’ll learn how Centric PLM:

 Improves collaboration and communication with your vendors and production factories. 

 Lightens your administrative burdens by encouraging suppliers to work directly in your PLM system. 

 Increases vendor responsibility in your co-creation process. 

 Uses score carding to track and compare vendors’ quality, performance, compliance and more. 

 Enables end-to-end sustainability insights to help you move your green initiatives forward.  

See how modern vendor collaboration tools help your enterprise deliver exceptional, sustainable products to market faster. 

Couldn’t attend? Contact Centric Software for a demo of Centric PLMEnable remote collaboration Increase speed to market Increase transparency across your product development processes with a single source of the truth. Seeing is believing!