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Market Intelligence & Competitive Benchmarking for Retail

Stop doing research website by website, loading incomplete data into spreadsheets and trying to make sense of it all! You can no longer develop pricing strategies in a vacuum.

Do You know:

  • What your competitors are selling?
  • How much they are selling their products for. Are they raising prices?
  • What is their promotion/discounting strategy?
  • How are consumers responding?

Request our webinar replay and see Centric Market Intelligence™, the AI-driven pricing intelligence and competitor benchmarking platform in action. Learn how to:

  • Quickly analyze competitors pricing and promotion strategies
  • Pinpoint trends and understand your competitors’ inventory investments
  • Strategically design assortments your customers want
  • Know when to raise prices and when to stop discounting
  • Plan accurately to reduce inventory and improve margins

“We know our business inside and out, but we wanted a platform where we could see competitor data that is only a click away. Things that you can easily look up in order to benchmark towards your own offer and see, why are we different here? Is it good or not? Should we change or not?”
– Pia Ekholm, Design and Buying Manager for Womenswear at Lindex

Centric Market Intelligence is a natural addition to both Centric PLM™ and Centric Planning™ by providing valuable information that drives decision making through to execution.


Meet the new Centric Market Intelligence team, discover more about the solution and see what it can do for your brand or retailer.