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AAFA Insider View: Adapting Digital Strategy to Changing Trends

Why do companies of all sizes and industry segments turn to digital solutions like PLM during a time of crisis? What is their roadmap and strategy? It’s important to understand how businesses are connecting the dots between the current market trends and their strategy to meet future goals and objectives.

Watch the webinar replay for Ravi Rangan and Stacey Charbin’s, respectively CTO and CMO at Centric Software®,  engaging discussion with AAFA speaker Susan Lapetina, and learn about:

Market trends and how it impacts brands and retailers.
Why a record number of brands have turned to PLM since the beginning of 2020.
Who are those brands and what are their roadmaps.

With 80+ companies representing almost 500 brands selecting Centric PLM™ since the beginning of the pandemic, Stacey and Ravi will share industry insights and real-life stories from leading fashion brands they talk to everyday. Benefit from their teachings on how to use digital transformation solutions like Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) to make your business a success.

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