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5 Cost-Effective PLM Strategies

Webinar Image

Are you looking to:

– Improve the way you develop products?
– Develop better products with fewer headaches and fires to fight?
– Grow your brand and enhance creativity?
– Reduce costs and speed time to market?
– Join our SMB webinar to discover how fashion companies of all sizes can grow their business and improve product margins with Centric SMB.

Available on a subscription basis (SaaS), Centric SMB is designed to speed product development, reduce product costs and increase responsiveness. With access to the same proven technologies and industry know how as big players, successful emerging brands can set the foundation for future growth.

Seeing is believing!

During this webinar, our industry and technology experts will give you a live demo of Centric SMB and will discuss real life success stories. Discover why companies such as Derek Lam, Marine Layer, Roca, RedBubble and tentree use Centric SMB to streamline product development.


Introducing Centric Software
What is PLM?
Real Life customer cases
Deep dive into PLM
Why do you need Centric SMB?