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Major Game Changing Innovation
Centric Visual Innovation Platform

Centric VIP is a visual, fully digital collection of boards for touch-based devices like iPad, iPhone and large-scale, touch-screen televisions. This new platform provides a strategic-level overview for executives, drill-down capabilities for users and mass automation of executive decision making.

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Driving Digital Transformation & Executive Decision Making

Built hand in hand by working onsite with leading brands and retailers, Centric VIP is for executive, creative, merchandising, product development and sourcing teams.

This new platform includes strategic-level executive dashboards, drill down capabilities for users and mass automation of executive decision making to dramatically increase execution capabilities.

Centric VIP offers a very natural way of working for designers, merchandisers, product developers and sourcing teams, enabling creative brainstorming linked to the business context.

Driving Digital Transformation

Collapse time to market, massively streamline operations and dramatically speed execution

Centric VIP replaces foam core boards of all types and transforms the fashion and apparel creation, development and commercialization process. Information is projected on a giant touch-screen television and macro or micro level views can be manipulated with individuals contributing via their own devices, drilling down into details as needed.

Ideation & collaboration

Ideation & collaboration

Boards draw from existing information or new ideas and decisions are recorded, making them available to everyone digitally, in real-time.

Determining first level line plans, pairing fabrics and bodies, tracking adds/drops, incorporating feedback from sales, finalizing unit commitments and more can be performed in a group context with multiple sources of input.

What-if & make decisions

What-if & make decisions

Users can play with what-if scenarios using real-time information, with changes automatically tracked and decisions recorded.

This eliminates the need to record minutes of meetings, enter changes into PLM post-meeting or wait for manual sign off.

Mass automate decision execution

Mass automate decision execution

The mass execution of decisions is automated, drastically boosting accuracy and speed.

Teams can mass create and update cascading changes, severely reducing the risk of error and miscommunication while greatly accelerating the development process.

Approvals and tasks are automatically routed to their corresponding owners.

Centric VIP Digitally Transforms the Strategic Decision Making Process

Throughout development, many group decisions are made – trends, styles, fabrics, colors and price points – and the outcome of these decisions determines the commercial success of the product.

Paper foam core boards containing fabric swatches, printouts of pictures, post-its, data and paper cut-outs are created to serve as the basis of this decision making.

A paper-based way of working is time consuming, creates bottlenecks and a game of telephone-tag, resulting in a lot of mistakes.

Centric VIP is a collection of boards driven by PLM to replace this paper based system for design, merchandising, sales, operations, sourcing and executive teams.

With this modern, very visual, touch based way of working, all information is connected and updated in real time. Centric VIP offers compelling benefits, significantly improving communication and collaboration both internally and with suppliers.

what is centric vip

Business Value Benefits

Boost the speed of innovation

Boost the speed of innovation

  • Unleash creativity!
  • Increase creative brainstorming using real-time production data
  • Reduce the cycle time of creative iterations
  • Take advantage of internal expertise

Reduce time to market

Reduce time to market

  • Automate mass decision making
  • Collapse time to market by eliminating redundant and non-value added work and delays
  • Work with live, actionable PLM information as well as from other business systems like ERP, PIM, DAM, design systems, material suppliers and more



  • Communicate with supply-chain stakeholders
  • Cascade critical line modifications through change automation
  • Compile materials to be used throughout the development

Accelerate Decision Making

Accelerate Decision Making

  • Favor interdepartmental collaboration, visibility & transparency
  • Drive efficiency with informed decision-making
  • Eliminate non value-added inter-departmental communication

Happy users

Happy users

  • Improve employee retention
  • Focus more on creativity and value added work
  • Enhanced user experience: makes work easy and fun

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