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Centric Outdoor PLM is the leading solution for outdoor apparel, footwear and gear companies, driving efficiency throughout the product development, sourcing and retail chains. It ushers products from inspiration to the store shelf, allowing outdoor brands and retailers to easily monitor product performance and customer experience to measure against company standards. Centric Outdoor PLM enables outdoor brands of all sizes to boost product innovation and differentiation in order to compete more effectively while maintaining high standards of compliance, sustainability and reliability to bolster brand reputation and customer loyalty. For emerging brands, Centric levels the competitive playing field by giving them access to the same cloud-based technology and industry best practices as more established companies.


Product innovation is critical to stay ahead in a fast-changing market and keep your outdoor brand relevant. Check out how Centric Outdoor PLM drives innovation, creativity and quality.


Hear from major outdoor brands who already use Centric Outdoor PLM's innovative solutions to develop awesome outdoor products and gear.

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Centric Outdoor PLM improves collaboration, reduces errors and costs and speeds time to market, resulting in streamlined operations and better collaboration to drive business growth. Leading outdoor brands use PLM to gain a competitive edge and be the best version of their brand. PLM frees up time, money and resources to invest in R&D and creative innovation and helps brands gain tight control of sourcing, quality, merchandise planning and materials management to produce top-of-the-range outdoor clothing and gear.

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All outdoor companies today need PLM to improve collaboration, reduce errors and costs, increase supply chain visibility and streamline operations to tame product development complexity. Centric Outdoor PLM empowers outdoor businesses to boost decision-making analytics, scalability and performance with a transformed user experience. Centric Outdoor PLM optimizes and streamlines all things product: design, development, sample management, materials, sourcing, production and retail. Move from spreadsheet madness to increased visibility that delivers real-time results with Centric Outdoor PLM. Learn more about the benefits our customers experience with Centric Outdoor PLM:


business growth, maintain quality and accuracy and meet regulatory and compliance requirements. Hear Camelbak's Centric Outdoor PLM story. Read the Blog


product data and speed time to market, like Coalision, the Canadian company behind activewear brand Lolë and outdoor clothing brand Paradox. Watch the Replay


the latest available product data across all departments in real-time and slash reporting time by 50% in one department like KEEN. Tell me more


the testing development process. Find out how On Running did it with Centric Outdoor PLM! Read their testimonial


continuously by adding new licensees, product categories and lines with Centric Outdoor PLM, just like SPG Outdoor. Learn More

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