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Build a Foundation for Growth with Centric Retail PLM for Home Improvement and DIY

Still trying to manage complex product assortments with spreadsheets, emails and scattered data while keeping up with the pace of more agile competitors and juggling material costs, suppliers and compliance in private label product development?

Let’s get building!

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Centric Retail PLM: The Market Speaks

“We’re delighted that we chose Centric Software to support the development of our upcoming MDH International projects, in collaboration with all business units. The configuration possibilities of the tool and Centric’s understanding of our business has reassured our choice of the solution and we’re looking forward to this partnership.”

Sophie Kolb, Market Leader and PLM Project Sponsor

The world’s 3rd largest home improvement retailer

Ready to Move to the Next Level with Centric Retail PLM?

Ready to learn more about how Centric Retail PLM will take your business up a notch? Check out the learning tools below and request a demo!