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Centric Lifestyle PLM
What Users Say!

Centric Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) transforms product development, collection planning, sourcing, merchandising and retail for lifestyle brands making everything from sustainable T-shirts to stylish hats. Find out what happy customers love about Centric Lifestyle PLM!



The Market Speaks About Centric Lifestyle PLM

“Time spent updating product information across styles and seasons has been reduced by roughly 50% … It’s easy to analyze data and get insights about the status of the collection or the efficiency of style development operations.”


“We’re confident that Centric will stay ahead of the competition through product innovation, allowing them to keep up with the challenges and changes the fashion industry currently faces.”


“Compared to other PLM vendors, Centric has more functionalities and processes than we need by default.”


“We found that Centric’s solutions are intuitive to use and have one hundred percent out of the box functionality that will help us to achieve our goals without costly and time-consuming customization.”


“Centric PLM will allow greater collaboration between internal teams and external partners … A unique data platform for product classification, tech packs, fabric orders, costing and pricing information to eliminate administrative tasks and enable our teams to focus on creative, added-value activities.”


“Centric offers a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution with the most comprehensive views and configurations for design, development, production and merchandising.”


“Centric has good out-of-the-box sensibilities and is extremely visual, user-friendly and quick to implement. We can essentially do all of the training internally, which will cut costs.”


“Centric PLM has absolutely changed our way of working … We can now build up systematic ways to manage our business.”


“Centric PLM is helping us support business growth and respond rapidly to market demands … We are delighted to already see improvements in efficiency, reactivity and transparency, and we anticipate reporting more gains.”


“Our team liked the software’s flexible approach and user-friendly interface.”


“Because we’ll have a centralized single version of truth, we will reduce errors … [Centric PLM] will completely overhaul the way our design and product teams work. We expect to see better collaboration and faster time to market.”


“Centric PLM is a cloud-based solution, which makes it ideal for global use … It’s going to completely transform our way of working and will help us to create standard operations across a great variety of brands.”


“Centric PLM will support increased business activity and DZ Group’s future growth, enabling us to work more efficiently and effectively with our customers.”

DZ Group

“Centric 8 PLM will allow us to better understand our markets and to respond with an offer tailored for each, localizing our brand to meet their specific needs, and reducing delays in collection planning.”

Eden Park

“Centric Software shows itself to be a very flexible and technically competent partner. The high level of understanding of our processes and the willingness to meet special program requirements ultimately contributed to our decision.”

Ernsting's family

“With [Centric PLM] we will digitally transform our system that tracks all information for garment production, making it scalable and allowing effective and efficient collaboration with external parties.”

Fung Retailing

“We implemented faster than expected … Our users are now able to collaborate much more effectively reducing time spent searching for information and entering data in different places.”

Frank And Oak

“We wanted to improve our product development process and switching to Centric PLM was a major stepping stone in reducing time to market and having greater control over the entire product lifecycle.”


“Centric really took the time to show us exactly what their solution offered … Centric is going to help us work smarter, organize the product division of our business and give our teams the opportunity to do more of what they do best.”

Goorin Bros.

“Centric offers us a genuine partnership, rather than just a service … Centric SMB is the ideal cloud-based PLM solution for a company like ours and we know it will grow and adapt with us.”


“Centric is not a rigid ‘one solution fits all’. It is easily configured to what each company needs yet no coding is required to get it to work the way you want it to.”


“Centric PLM will make our business more agile, so we will be better able to meet challenges and take advantage of opportunities that the next few years will present.”


“We have a clear business strategy and Centric PLM is a foundation that will give us agile processes and system support.”


“Having Centric in place saves everyone about 10-15 percent of their time on a day to day basis … Our product range is expanding at a very fast pace, and that wouldn’t be possible without the data management functions of Centric SMB.”

Marine Layer

“Centric SMB has changed the way we operate. It’s like having a whole other person on each team, every single day. It’s hard to imagine life without Centric now.”

Marine Layer

“We want to support the strong product design and development team that we have built, and Centric is the right PLM to supercharge our processes.”

Royal Robbins

“Centric PLM is a great product. It’s very agile and user friendly and flexible.”

Skechers China

“Our Centric PLM project will help us improve our product design and quality, shorten review and approval lead times and reduce rework. This should result in a faster time to market, enhance visibility and increase profitability.”


Increased on time and in full product completion from 70% to 89%. Design team saves a week of effort, 4 times a year with the press of a button.


“PLM is a game changer for our business. It’s a stepping stone towards so many other exciting areas of innovation, from 3D design to personalization. With a truly digital supply chain in place, we have the visibility we need to grow and evolve.”


“It seemed like a daunting transition for us, but we’re looking at the long-term benefits, not a band-aid solution. We know that Centric can scale up as we do.”

Sunday Afternoons

“Centric PLM helps us measure the impact of our production process and manage the producers we work with: technology facilitates measurability.”


“Centric has provided us with the flexibility, transparency and accountability to make sure that we don’t let stakeholders down … We are able to get products to the market a lot quicker which means more trees are being planted.”


“It cuts down my reporting time from 2 hours to 2 minutes … People are now focusing on what they specialise in, rather than spending all their time in Excel.”


20% improvement in design efficiency through eliminating manual data entry alone

Tom Tailor

“The big win is that all of our users have visibility … It’s transforming the way we develop styles and create tech packs, as information that was previously offline is now instantly accessible in Centric PLM.”

Tommy John

“We were impressed by Centric’s agility, configurability and welcoming user interface. It’s refreshing compared to the archaic systems we were dealing with before … we need a system that supports our business processes rather than slowing us down.”

Tommy John

“With the Adobe® Connect tool, designers can work in Adobe® Illustrator while seamlessly updating their BOMs in PLM. That’s an absolute gamechanger for us … Entering styles in the system used to take the Snow team two weeks, and it now takes them a day and a half.”


“Pursuing a 3D-agnostic strategy and connecting Centric PLM with multiple 3D systems offers a 360-degree view of [product] development.”


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