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Envisioning New Market Spaces: Trends in Home Décor and Furnishings

Home décor and furnishing companies are under the same pressure as fashion and consumer goods brands to keep up with the accelerated marketplace.

Changes in consumer expectations, expanding to more markets and locations and selling through more channels adds overwhelming complexity to product development cycles.

Centric Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) modern and mobile digital transformation solutions are key to managing evolving markets for home décor and furnishings brands.

Read more to learn how to take advantage of 4 home décor and furnishings market trends with innovative home décor PLM and home furnishings PLM digital solutions.

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Time to market with home décor PLM & home furnishings PLM.


Product variety & innovation with home décor PLM & home furnishings PLM.


More product lines & SKUs with home décor PLM & home furnishings PLM.


Costs with home décor PLM & home furnishings PLM.


Efficiency with home décor PLM & home furnishings PLM.

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