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Centric Footwear PLM
What Do Centric Users Say

Discover what Centric’s footwear customers have to say about Centric Footwear PLM! Our happy footwear customers make everything from sandals to stilettos, and come in all sizes.



Centric Footwear PLM–the Market Speaks!

“We have reduced the average amount of time we spend on product development by 20% … We have also been able to double the number of collections we launch”

Capa De Ozono

“Centric has provided a way for us to be flexible. It’s the most configurable, out of the box solution I’ve ever seen … Our first sample round [since using Centric] has been better than any we’ve done since the beginning of the history at Crocs.”


“With Centric PLM we have much better visibility of the quantity, origins, variations and expected delivery times of samples. That was much harder to put your finger on previously.”


“Centric PLM helps us as managers to gain more visibility and a much more controlled process and users can free up time to focus on their designated roles.”

Capa De Ozono

“We absolutely trust the Centric team and Centric provides solutions that are tailored to genuinely support us and our needs. Our Centric contacts are more like colleagues than a supplier.”

Manolo Blahnik

“Centric offers the best of two worlds: real knowledge of fashion, coupled with a high level of professionalism in terms of software and IT. You don’t often find that combination.”

Marc Jacobs

“Having one centralized place to enter data, clear ownership of data and the ability to integrate that with all of our downstream systems is a massive time saver, which translates into cost savings down the line.”

Shoes For Crews

“We chose Centric PLM because it was built from the ground up for footwear and apparel. It is tailored for our industry and speaks our language.”


“The level of control is more exact now, and all staff are informed immediately about whatever queries they may have.”


“Using Centric for our costing has been a game changer in terms of helping footwear prepare for market. Rapid data entry and fast information sharing has had a real positive impact on our time to market – and it’s something we simply wouldn’t have had without Centric.”

Marc Jacobs

“We have noticed major efficiencies because of the ability to collaborate in real time. Because everyone is connected and can work together closely, even though they are in different locations, it can take just a few minutes seconds to put together presentations that might have taken a week to produce previously.”

Shoes For Crews

“Centric PLM is a great product. It’s very agile and user friendly and flexible.”

Skechers China

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