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Centric Software PLM V6
Drive retail transformation initiatives

Centric solutions go way beyond the boundaries of traditional PLM and are used by over 240 brands, retailers and manufacturers in fashion, retail, footwear, outdoor, luxury and consumer goods to design, develop and produce products for over 600 brands, large and small, around the world. Find out why!


Scaling Up

Fast performance for large amounts of data and users.

10,000 users, 1 TB of active data and several TB of vaulted data can be quickly accessed across multiple geographies with no degradation in speed or user experience.


“We are so excited about the Centric 8 V6 interface! The solution is user friendly and navigation is a breeze. Our team can now focus on delivering great product, value and execution to our customers.”

Karina Polenske, Product Developer and Designer Centric PLM SME at Kroger.

Powerful decision-making analytics to drive performance

Instantly analyze seasons’ or years’ worth of information to answer questions about financial and supplier performance, costs or other complex queries requiring significant ‘what-iffing’ and number crunching.

With enriched analytics, create powerfull roll-ups, drill-downs and split hierarchies to make financial planning, sourcing decisions and other decision to oversee product & supplier performance.

Beautiful, intuitive and fun to use.
Effortless access to information.

A complete interface makeover revolutionizes Centric PLM’s look and feel with great care taken to reduce visual noise and clutter.

  • New branding and personalization options make Centric your own.
  • Dashboards with widgets and charts to digest information at a glance.
  • Mass editing features to minimize clicks and promote adoption.
  • Digital breadcrumbs trails to speed navigation.
  • Information stays close-by for quick access when needed.

“One can never underestimate the importance of system usability and given how critical Centric PLM is to our business, Centric V6 is a breath of fresh air.  Our users are delighted with the streamlined features and modern intuitive user interface in this update.  As shepherd of the PLM function at CamelBak, it allows my team to focus on moving our process innovation forward and allows our extended teams to focus on bringing great products to market, faster.”

Paul Rattay, PLM Manager at Camelbak.

Powerful capabilities to boost efficiency and make work easier. Connect Centric to other business systems. Create your own Centric apps.

There are dozens of new options to reduce clicks, leverage existing work and fully take advantage of information in Centric with efficiency and speed.

Templates and drag/fill/edit options in tables help jump start spec pack development. New sourcing tools help speed the quote and PO process while increasing supplier collaboration.

Change tracking & subscriptions, housed in a beautiful, easy-to-navigate interface, includes multiple ways users can track and screen changes to specs and other information.

Centric’s Rest API enables companies to leverage Centric data throughout the organization by connecting with business systems such as ERP, DAM or other platforms. Users can even create their own apps to seamlessly connect or digitally transform processes without limitation.

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