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Develop Once, Source & Sell Globally

Centric 8 v6.3 streamlines the go-to-market of products destined for multiple markets and/or channels. New Product Information Management (PIM) features improve the accuracy global product information while new PLM features improve global orchestration of the supply chain.

A Single Source of the Truth in the Global Marketplace

Preparing products for sale in different markets requires tracking local content and labeling regulations in addition to creating localized product descriptions and pricing in multiple languages and currencies.

The amount of product information multiplies exponentially, and users, managers and executives need one source of the truth and specialized tools to track it all.

In addition, they also need the ability to what-if, roll-up and analyze this information in order to make decisions that drive the financial success of the line.

Develop Once, Sell Globally

Multiple currencies

Multiple languages

Local labelling requirements

Users can now develop once and sell globally in local currencies, languages and in compliance with local labeling requirements. They can create price lists by region, channel or country and they can also automate information for local product content/composition, care labels and other regulatory requirements.

Time to market is greatly streamlined, work eliminated and the risk of error significantly reduced as the tedium of thousands of clicks and tracking via spreadsheets, or even paper, has been eliminated.

Develop Once, Source Globally

Global supply chain orchestration is now possible with new BOM Extension capabilities.

Suppliers sometimes sub-contract all or part of the production of an order, so it is extremely difficult for brands and retailers to have complete visibility into exactly how and who are involved in the production of goods.

Centric’s BOM Extension links the Design BOM to the Manufacturing BOM to a new Factory BOM, which includes details about sub-contractors and local suppliers.

Gain full visibility and transparency into the exact sources that are being used to produce goods. Ensure compliance with local regulations and labelling requirements, and also with company-specific business and ethical guidelines.

Wait there’s more!

Centric 8 v6.3 includes 30 new features speed time to market, reduce errors and make users happy!

User defaults

The new User Default tool allows users to build-in automatic data filters specific to job functions, teams, departments, divisions or brands. Efficient pre-set organization of data allows everyone to easily find the information most relevant to their job saving time and effort from manually filtering through information they don’t need.

Mass Copy & Carryover Styles

The new Mass Copy & Carryover Styles feature is an easy and efficient way to carryover styles from season to season. Users can easily select only the needed styles and core colorways from the source season, mark these for copy and mass copy the styles over to start building the new season. Et voilà – done!

New Slicer features

The powerful Slicer tool that easily analyzes seasons or years of information to answer questions and queries on a seemingly unlimited number of topics has been updated to and users can customize their own metrics settings. Users create, save and manage their own set of pre-determined calculations to pinpoint the data that matters to them most.

Wizards & Mass Actions

Save time, save clicks with streamlined Wizards & Mass Actions. Tons of UX changes continue to be made to Centric 8 to reduce work and save time.

And many more!

There’s a lot more in this new release that we can’t tell you about online – we need to show you! Contact us for a demo using the form below!

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Seeing is believing

If your PLM software isn’t easy to use your teams won’t use it, so your company won’t reap the benefits. Give us 60 minutes and you’ll see why Centric comprehensive, out-of the box system is the easiest-to-use PLM software platform on the market.