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[Webinar] PLM4Users: Ignite Peak Performance with Centric PLM v6.6

Webinar Image

[Webinar] PLM4Users: Ignite Peak Performance with Centric PLM v6.6

This event is in English.

Curious about what’s new with Centric PLM innovations? Want to learn more about our latest release and find even more ways to utilize your PLM system?

If the answer YES, then this Centric PLM webinar is for you!

Hear all about Centric PLM v6.6, our latest market-driven release, that focuses on supercharging efficiency and see the new features in action with a live demo.

You’ll learn how Centric Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) v6.6 Centric Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) v6.6 responds to the increasing complexity of creating more products destined for multiple channels and diverse regions while also keeping time-to-market fast and product costs low.

Our fashion, retail and consumer goods digital technology industry experts will show the new features including:

  • Automate Color Rules Across Entire Collections
    Dramatically speed the creation of products with color variations across multiple themes, styles, seasons and collections.
  • Mass Create Product SKUs
    Eliminate labor-intensive and time-consuming manual creation of product SKUs by automatically generating SKUs per color/size combination.
  • Add Points of Measure (POM) from one Size Chart to Another
    Transform the creation of POM codes and size charts saving time and speeding product iterations destined for multiple markets.
  • Supercharge Design & Development Efficiency
    Empower designers and product developers to jumpstart creation, save time and reduce work using new Canvas templates.
  • Enhance Your 3D View to Streamline Sample Reviews
    Transform 3D product sample workflow, further boost efficiency and speed time to market with Centric’s 3D Viewer.

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