PLM for the Unique Characteristics of Eyewear, Jewelry and Accessories

With roots in the fashion industry, Centric Fashion PLM is adaptable and smart, enabling greater speed, productivity and the ability to manage product creation from beginning to end with in-depth product description and costing capabilities.

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Centric Fashion PLM Is Not Just an Accessory PLM!

See for yourself what this modern, cloud-based innovative technology can do to make your business shine.

Adobe®Connect enables designers and product developers to sketch, create colors and build out other details for design briefs and product specifications within Adobe® Illustrator. Designers and product developers access product related information shared by other teams in Centric PLM such as details about colors and materials, but work completely within the Illustrator interface. Designers can reduce administrative work to focus solely on creativity.

Measure products in multiple measurement units such as grams of gold, carats of diamonds and hours of labor in Centric Fashion PLM. Optimize products with materials costing, transparency and quality control capabilities. Unlock greater collaboration with external suppliers and maintain a tradition of high-quality craftsmanship.

Better manage the complexity of designing, manufacturing and retailing Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) per year across different segments. Eliminate data errors, confusing duplicate SKUs and time-consuming manual creation.

Get a unique, reliable view of every product and assortment. Accelerate the pace and success of product development and launch with powerful merchandise planning and costing tools.

Instantly generate monthly reports to analyze profit margins. Better estimate and track expensive material costs to send extremely accurate requirements for prototyping and production, saving time and facilitating negotiation with suppliers.

Link retail systems with product development, including the use of PLM-connected digital catalogs on tablets for retailers and individual clients with Centric Software’s Collection Book for iPad Connect store sales data with Centric Fashion PLM to kickstart production cycles and automatically replenish products.

Create more products destined for more channels and markets. Connect with more customers where and how they shop, develop e-commerce and compete with industry disruptors.