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Sourcing Game Changer: PLM Insights From An Industry Guru

Ever-changing regulations mean that companies have to be extra-vigilant about compliance. Margins are being squeezed and sourcing needs to be increasingly competitive on cost to keep retail prices down. Meanwhile, capacity constraints in production facilities result in limitations to the scale of production. An effective, modern PLM system can help to address these issues; identifying and smoothing out challenges to your business.

Watch this webinar with industry expert Peter Dehio, a 34-year Global Sourcing and Supply Chain management veteran with a decade of experience living in Asia. Peter previously served as Vice President of Global & Strategic Sourcing for a fortune 500 wholesale/distributorand was Regional Vice President at The Walt Disney Company. He implemented Centric product lifecycle management (PLM) software while VP of Sourcing at United Stationers.Peter will share the real-life benefits of using product lifecycle management (PLM) software and how efficiently managed sourcing and supply chains can be a strategic differentiator for your company.