Aritzia Discusses their Success with Centric PLM™


Eliminated manual spreadsheet aggregation

Designers spend more time creating

300+ enhancements based on employee input


A fashion company finds their PLM match.

Aritzia, the fashion manufacturing and retail company was using multiple spreadsheets for product development and more, then manually aggregating them every week. They found this too cumbersome to run their business at the scale they had reached.
Aritzia also wanted their designers to spend less time on administrative work and more on creating. And, they wanted to shore up their product data so that they could completely rely on it when planning.
Learn how the steps Aritzia took, first to select Centric PLM and then to use it, set the company up for success. Discover the effect it had on:

  • Getting closer to the customer
  • Streamlining workflows
  • Supporting wide assortments with technology

With a dedication to social causes, a developed social media strategy and high-profile celebrities sporting their brands, Aritzia is on the fast track and showing no signs of letting up.

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Company Bio

Aritzia is one of Canada’s fastest-growing women’s brands. Founded in 1984 by Brian Hill after beginning in the Hill family’s 70-year-old department store, the design house and fashion boutique offers beautiful clothes in aspirational spaces with exceptional service. They have 101 boutiques across Canada and the US with 4,000 team members.


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