AMARO Speeds Into the Future with Centric PLM™


RELIABLE & consistent data

EFFICIENCY due to platform integration

BETTER demand forecasting


AMARO is a young, digitally-driven online womenswear brand. Spreadsheets and file-sharing were no longer suitable for a rapidly-growing company that sets the pace of technology-enabled fashion in Brazil and beyond. AMARO’s advanced use of data drives the company’s ability to respond to customers, and with teams managing increasingly high volumes of data throughout the supply chain and developing high volumes of products for weekly drops, existing systems could not cope.

AMARO searched for a PLM solution that could handle every element of the product lifecycle, offer industry best practices and be user-friendly for its younger, digitally-native workforce. AMARO selected Centric 8 PLM for its intuitive interface, future-focused approach and the wealth of fashion PLM expertise behind the solution.

Today, AMARO experiences more streamlined processes, complete end-to-end visibility of product development and efficient integration with other systems. Centric PLM’s ‘single source of truth’ helps AMARO to understand information better internally, communicate consistently with suppliers and improve agility to continue to provide a constant stream of quality products to their customers.

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Company Bio

Founded in 2012 in São Paulo, Brazil, AMARO is a pioneering online direct-to-consumer womenswear brand. AMARO sells the latest international trends at disruptive prices through www.amaro.com and mobile apps, and its 16 ‘Guide Shops’ across Brazil allow customers to try sample clothing in a digitally immersive environment before ordering online.





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