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11 июня, 2021

Гибкое внедрение: самый быстрый путь к окупаемости PLM

При инвестировании в PLM-решение обеспечение быстрой окупаемости инвестиций и высокого уровня принятия пользователями имеет решающее значение для любого бренда, ритейлера или производителя, а успешное внедрение является ключевым моментом. Компания Centric Software ® привела сотни бизнесов к успешному внедрению с помощью наших опытных команд и инновационной методологии Agile DeploymentSM, ускоряя окупаемость инвестиций в PLM и способствуя […]

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2 марта, 2020

[User Event] PLM4Users San Jose

Centric HQ, San Jose, CA – April 29 & 30 This is a 2-day premier event to network and share best practices with Centric users and get hands-on information from the Centric Software product team. Join us to discuss practical ways you can push Centric’s range of solutions to their potential! Your opinion about Centric […]

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[Webinar] PLM Demo Series: PLM4ALL

This event has passed and you can view a newer version here. September 12, 2019 Learn about PLM and the power of going digital. Seeing is believing! Getting products to market is more complex than ever. Up-to-date product information needs to flow freely and accurately to and from internal and external teams: suppliers, sales, marketing, […]

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May 29th, 2019

[Trade Show] Retail PLM at STORE 2019

Toronto, Canada – Toronto Congress Centre – May 28 & 29 – Booth #322 This event will be held in English. #RetailTransformation #RetailPLM #SeeingIsBelieving Wondering how #RetailPLM drives digital transformation for your multi-channel retail business? Want to develop amazing products across multiple categories, geographies and channels faster to better compete in today’s accelerating marketplace? If the […]

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10 апреля, 2019

[Seminar] Discover Centric Visual Innovation Platform at our NYC Happy Hour

Spring Place, NYC   |   May 14th   |   4:00 pm to 6:30 pm Discover Centric Visual Innovation Platform at our NYC Happy Hour This event will be held in English. Relying on sticky notes to communicate important information can lead to costly errors and reduced efficiency. It’s time to ditch the foam core boards and embark […]

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