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Centric Softwareは、ファッション・小売り・ラグジュアリーブランド・フットウェア・アウトドア・コンシューマグッズ業界で最も成長率の高いPLMになりました


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The Market Speaks by trusting Centric

Over 180 new customers chose Centric in the last two years in Europe, Asia and the Americas.
We are very proud that over 2/3 of our customers have taken the time to publicly endorse Centric and over 95% have done so privately.

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5th consecutive year of 70+% growth

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Over 180 new customers in the past 3 years

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2/3 spoke publicly
95% spoke privately
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Carl Borg

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Kiravani Emani
Industrial Automation & Process Control Senior Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan

For our innovation, mobility and the extension of our solutions beyond traditional PLM

Last year, Centric hit several key milestones including the launch of an Innovation Lab based in Silicon Valley to continue to push the boundaries of PLM.

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+280 Customers

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New Cloud-based PLM for small businesses

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A new Innovation Lab

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Centric VIP (Visual Innovation Platform)

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The Market Speaks by driving our roadmap.

Our products are inspired by the best brands and road-tested around the world. We work hand in hand with our customers and our product roadmap is driven entirely by them.

Red Herring Global

Centric was recognized for its bold, uncompromising vision by earning a Red Herring Global Top 100 award.

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IMAX Srl ITマネージャー
Giovanni Bisotti

The Market Speaks by partnering with us

Our adaptable, agile methods prioritize the things that matter, creating a sensitive, sustainable approach to software deployment.


What our customers say


Lotto Sport IT部門長
Sebastiano Di Camillo氏

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“「Centric PLMの機能性と柔軟性の高さに感激しました。そしてCentricの担当者とも、すばらしい関係を築くことができました」”

Bestseller シニアプログラムマネージャー
Kim Guldager

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ONE Jeanswear Group チーフマーチャンダイジングオフィサー
Heather Roussel

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