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Coronavirus: How Digital Transformation Helps Brands and Manufacturers Stay Competitive

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The outbreak of the coronavirus has affected the global economy and business operations. During this challenging time, empowering digital transformation in manufacturing and retail is the key to staying ahead of competition.

Request to watch this webinar replay to learn how 360+ companies creating products for 1,200+ iconic brands such as MAS Holdings, Hirdaramani, Brandix, Regina Miracle, Clover, Li & Fung, PVH, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein maximized business efficiency with Centric Fashion Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

We covered topics such as:

  • How digitalization drives business growth and helps businesses outpace the competition
  • Better collaboration and communication with buyers by using a cloud-based platform
  • Effectively streamline the production process, reduce cost, speed time to market and drive business growth

We showed how, on average, Centric’s customers increased sales by 5-10%, launched products to market 15-50% faster, reduced logistics costs by 10-15% and reduced waste by 20-40%.

Learn the tactics and stay competitive. Watch now!