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Introducing Centric VIP’s Visual Studio Boards

Digitally transform ideation and development. Vitalize idea creation and sharing for design studios and production teams with this game-changing, visual innovation for touch-based devices like tablets and touchscreen televisions.

Visual Studio Boards are a new addition to the Centric Visual Innovation Platform

Centric VIP is fully connected with Centric PLM and is a platform dedicated to mood, material, style, allocation, merchandising, line and sales boards.

This innovative platform drives digital transformation and decision-making, significantly reducing time to market and generating major productivity gains for creative and technical teams as well as executives.

Schede di Visual Studio

Visual Studio Boards are a highly collaborative, visual sandbox environment where designers can be creative and play yet also share ideas with other teams.

Designers can pull in sketches, images, colors, materials and more from previous collections and desktop files as well as directly from a web browser, such as an image search or a trend service site. They can create new information on the fly and build ideas for products and collections. As ideas mature, product development and production teams add their input resulting in more creative, higher quality and higher margin products.

Information syncs seamlessly giving teams a global view of materials, colors and styles, and allowing them to make decisions and see changes live.

Teams can be located in the same room or around the world and, as Centric VIP is system-agnostic, information can be drawn from Centric 8 PLM or other business systems such as ERP, PIM, DAM, etc.

Schede di Visual Studio

Today, the design process revolves around paper-based, cumbersome ways of working.

Fogli di calcolo stampati

Printed spreadsheets made into ‘books’

note manoscritte, post-it, adesivi

Large foam core boards filled with cut-outs, handwritten notes, post-its, stickers and other bits of information

Dì solo "NO!" Alla carta!

Just say ‘NO!” to paper!

These analog ways of working are extremely time-consuming to compile and prone to error, with output impossible to communicate and execute quickly and accurately. Creativity is often hampered due to the lack of easy to understand, clear information and time lost searching for details.

Visual Studio Boards make ideas flow smoothly from designers to product teams for commercialization and production.

In this new digital space, designers and other teams can ideate without limits, evolve concepts to maturity and execute them in collaboration with one another to boost innovation and quality while drastically cutting time to market.

Schede di Visual Studio

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