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Marketing Events Manager

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We are looking for an experienced Marketing Manager to join an awesome marketing team at a high growth B2B technology company who lives and breathes innovation! Business is booming, we are expanding into new geographies and we need more help in the Americas.

This is a new position open that is part of our awesome Americas Field Marketing team. Reporting to our Americas Marketing Director who is responsible for our marketing and communications strategy and execution across the entire region, you will be responsible for organizing and executing field events and campaigns.


The day-to-day:

  • ‪Drive lead generation and build buzz in the market with cool campaigns and events for Latin America, and also the US and Canada.
  • Build #TheBestMarketingPlanEver4LATAM: Sales will be your partner in crime and together you will determine priorities and objectives by geography & market. Then you are off to the races!
  • Build awareness: Oversee CRM database development so we target the right people. Build relationships with local associations, media & other influencers so the right people come to us.
  • Lead generation through events and campaigns:
    • Events: work with sales on The Plan for LATAM
      • Promotion: identify targets in Salesforce and build list in Pardot, develop the plan then go go go! Create it and run with it!
      • Event logistics: the whole kit and caboodle – find/book (and negotiate) great venues, catering, giveaways, sales collaterals, stands, etc. Find the tradeshows that we shouldn’t miss.
      • Run the show and evaluate how you did
      • Campaigns: same idea as events but for in and outbound campaigns
        • Pull the right lists, build campaigns collaborating with the Americas team and using all of the tools in our arsenal (email, social media, media placement, partners and any other ideas you have)
  • Support North America event manager with webinars and other events as needed in the US and Canada
  • Work with the entire Americas, Corporate and worldwide Field Marketing teams to develop content, get help with the technical stuff and to beg/borrow/share best practices


  • ‪5+ years’ experience in B2B marketing
  • Proven experience in marketing strategy & execution – show us what you’ve got!
  • Previous CRM & marketing automation experience are super important. SF and Pardot are ideal.
  • Autonomous & thorough: you don’t need a babysitter or a fact checker – you pay attention to detail and meet deadlines. You communicate clearly and often and know how to work as part of a team.
  • You solve your own problems. You bring solutions, not tissues.
  • You know how to juggle. Not literally, although that would be cool too J
  • Languages: fluent in English AND Spanish. Speak more languages? Awesome- the more, the better but Spanish is a MUST.
  • Super energetic, happy and not afraid of a challenge.
  • This is a home office-based role with occasional travel. A home office space and fast internet connection are mandatory. Working from home is not for everyone so think seriously before you apply.

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