Helly Hansen Boosts Product Innovation with the Power Of 3D



Fast-growing outdoor brand Helly Hansen once struggled with data management, visibility and version control across multiple software platforms. When the Helly Hansen group acquired MUSTO in 2018, integrating a new brand brought additional challenges.

However, with innovative digital solutions provided by Centric’s Outdoor PLM and 3D technology, Helly Hansen has been able to harmonize data and processes across both brands and within its own departments.

It has also been able to adapt seamlessly to recent market disruptions caused by the COVID-19 health pandemic, improving the efficiency of its communications across different departments, especially around sample production, which many brands have struggled to continue during restricted times.

“To start with (during the pandemic), our main issues were that we were not getting samples at all or they were months delayed. Centric’s 3D Connector now helps us with communication, and we can do things last minute that we couldn’t have done previously,” explains Helly Hansen designer Mhairi Bannerman, who works within the ski and sailing team on Helly Hansen’s technical garments, and is leading the adoption of 3D technology within the company. “For example, if a physical sample isn’t available, or we don’t want to wait weeks for a prototype to arrive, we can create a 3D version within Centric PLM in a matter of hours.”

Thanks to Centric PLM being so fast and easy to use, Helly Hansen’s teams are able to do a more thorough job, create more products, improve quality oversight and achieve sustainability objectives – all critical for the quality-driven, innovation-focused brand.

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