Centric PLM Drives Collaboration and Creativity at Crocs




Crocs faced several challenges in recent years because of the success of the brand and its rapid growth, which meant that it grew in different ways in different regions and experienced misalignment. Crocs struggled with communication flow, prioritization, information visibility and clarity on final objectives. Like almost every brand, Crocs was also focused on improving its speed to market.

Crocs selected Centric PLM™, knowing that its single, actionable version of the truth approach would help Crocs to prioritize projects, streamline workflows and focus on what they do best –making great shoes.

Using Centric PLM, information can be spread throughout the organization to drive process changes, creativity and a collaborative environment. Teams are able to share data easily and control what information is shared with suppliers. This secure data sharing is critical to innovation. Centric 8 is more than just a product system for Crocs: it has become the ‘heartbeat’ of the organization.

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