[Seminar] Exclusive Digital Innovation Dinner

January 15 — 6 p.m. — BRUNA Restaurant — Guadalajara, Mexico

This event will be held in Spanish.

Is developing products using emails, spreadsheets and paper notebooks slowing down your teams and limiting your growth? Do you need to speed up product development so you can:

– Save time
– Accelerate time to market
– Reduce waste and costs throughout the supply chain

Join Centric Software for a private dinner in Guadalajara, Mexico, to hear from experts in fashion and technology and discover why more than 1050 fashion brands and consumer goods companies set the foundation for efficient and explosive growth with Centric PLM®.

Discover how companies like Quest, Avante, Capa de Ozono, Studio F and many more use Centric PLM to improve collaboration, speed time to market, and reduce errors and costs resulting in streamlined operations.

This exclusive event has limited seats.

See you in Guadalajara!


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