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AMARO — Fusing Innovative Tech and Fashion with Centric PLM™

Written by Anay Zaffalon, Head of Products at AMARO

AMARO is a pioneering digital fashion brand based in Brazil. We are disrupting the retail landscape for both consumers and fashion brands with an innovative new shopping experience and a modern take on the traditional supply-and-demand model. Founded in 2012, AMARO is a tech company first, and fashion brand second. The clothing, accessories and footwear lines for women are sold predominantly online, centred around weekly drops which means we launch a staggering 10,000 styles per year! Supporting the e-commerce side of the business are an exclusive number of bricks-and-mortar ‘Guide Shops’ available for customers to try on a capsule collection of items.

Centric Fashion PLM Enables a Personalized Experience

Our digitally-native customers can choose to go to physical Guide Shops where they are assisted by knowledgable staff to try on samples of our huge product catalogue. After making their choice, shoppers purchase at terminals in the Guide Shops and the item is delivered from a central repository to their door in as little as 2 hours!

Offering a heavily personalized service and getting the hottest trends directly to the consumer quickly requires a market-leading, specialist enterprise solution.

We implemented Centric Software®’s Fashion Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) to link the full spectrum of our product-related activities, from the initial concept, merchandising, design and development all the way through to manufacturing and presentation at retail. Housing the latest data and versions in a ‘single source of actionable truth’ now enables us to get more products to market at lightning speed.

How AMARO Pushes Boundaries

With Centric Fashion PLM, AMARO staff are now able to accurately document and control their operations and have visibility over the entire product development process right down to the in-store assortments — something that was business critical for us as a tech-first fashion brand.

There are 4 main ways Centric’s Fashion PLM enables us to push boundaries and maintain our stance as an industry innovator:

1. Increase Product Introduction Success

We are an online, direct-to-consumer company that integrates sophisticated technology throughout the entire supply chain. Centric Fashion PLM leverages digital transformation for AMARO, allowing for the ultra-flexibility and responsiveness to trends that we need to successfully launch the volume of styles and SKU variations we have on offer.

2. Improve Product Margins

Centric allows us to introduce that staggering number of on-trend styles at a competitive price, with its powerful cost, margin and pricing tools – these enable meticulous management of material sourcing and volume buying. A huge amount of time is saved and teams are able to test out various scenarios of raw materials to get the best quality products at the lowest cost.

3. Deliver Desirable, High Quality Products

We put the consumer at the forefront of product development – even calling them ‘co-authors’ of new collections! Centric Fashion PLM enables AMARO to take full advantage of features such as product tagging and demand forecasting; ultimately minimizing returns and maximizing customer satisfaction.

4. Maintain Brand Consistency

In-system specifications and quality assurance modules are features of Centric Fashion PLM which help AMARO protect and maintain brand reputation. By having access to all product specifications in one unified digital space, quality inspectors are able to quickly judge if merchandise is meeting targets. Data such as photographs stored within the PLM add an extra layer of quality assurance functionality, particularly because external users such as factory personnel are able to easily and remotely access information to maintain excellent product quality.

Everybody Wins

For us, Centric Fashion PLM enables the quick production of on-trend products, closes the gap between the customers’ needs and what AMARO delivers, enables a streamlined product delivery model and brings complete end-to-end visibility over product development.  We can now focus our time on making quality products. Everyone wins — the company, the customer and the employee!


To learn more about AMARO’s success story with Centric Fashion PLM, click here.


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